The 'High End' of Rod Laver Arena

Which is the High end at Rod Laver arena?

You will often hear commentators say that a player is serving from the High End of Rod Laver Arena.

Have you ever wondered which end that is?

The truth is that the courts on Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court and Hisense arena are all flat!

It is usual when building tennis courts to ensure that they have a consistent fall both across and along the court (generally 1%). It is important that the entire playing area and run off are on one plane. The court should not be cambered or peaked.

Because RLA, MCA and Hisense are all indoor courts they have been built flat, as have all of the other indoor courts at Melbourne Park.
The Melbourne Park outdoor courts are a little bit flatter than we would normally build a court, but then most people don't have staff members to dry them off when it rains!

All of the courts at Melbourne Park are built on an asphalt base. This was done when we redeveloped the centre, in 2007, to ensure that the playing characteristics of all courts are the same. It is felt by some that the feel of asphalt and concrete are different even under a cushioned surface. This is especially the case for the elite tennis players of the world.

So the next time you hear a commentator say that a player is serving from the high end of Rod Laver arena, you can have a little chuckle to yourself!