New Project - Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library Play area was just such a challenge.

The City of Glen Eira approached us to rejuvenate a faded old rubberised children’s playground. Sounds simple enough: but there were many challenges!!

William Loud - Carnegie Library

The design and layout of the play area was extremely detailed meaning a lot of very fine intricate work, not what our men are generally confronted with. There were also several vertical surfaces. One of the great shortfalls of rubber is the difficulty of laying vertically.

The first challenge was to price a project when you are not sure how long it will take, or, in fact how you are actually going to do it!!!

Having crossed that hurdle, the job commenced. Safety was a big issue as the area is in the middle of a heavily used pedestrian thoroughfare. Good perimeter fencing and attention to all the hazards were essential.

The next step was to carefully record and map out the colours and patterns. Modern day phones and their cameras were a godsend in this step.

Next stage was to remove the existing surface, again being in a public area, safety for all concerned was a priority.

Now the real work commenced! We used a rotating group of four men for just over a month to get the job done.

And what a result. Not only did we pioneer a new method of laying a heavy coverage of rubber on vertical surfaces but we have also produced a sensational playground with incredible colours that will last for many years to come.

Well done to all of our workers involved in this project which stands aside our 3D Snakes and Ladders as the most challenging rubber projects we have ever undertaken. Every now and then a challenge comes up that you just cannot resist.