Athletics Track Construction

William Loud is a recognised leader in the construction, surfacing and repair of polyurethane and acrylic based athletic tracks and run-ups in Australia. 

We can help you design and construct the perfect athletics track surfaces to suit your requirements and budget.


Rekortan Full Pour System

Rekortan is a multi-layer track surfacing system made from 100% solid polyurethane. Rekortan M99 has been formulated to resist UV degradation in the world’s most demanding climates.

Rekortan was first used in the 1969 Berlin Olympic Stadium and soon became the benchmark for first class international athletic track systems. Since then, Rekortan has seen many improvements and continues to be used in hundreds of state of the art athletic tracks around the world.

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Spurtan Sandwich System

Spurtan BV consists of a two layer sandwich system and a polyurethane track surface. The base layer is made up of a black mat of SBR rubber granules bound on polyurethane and the surface layer consists of coloured EPDM granules set in a polyurethane flood coat. 

It is also available in multiple colours including red, green, blue and beige. 

Spurtan BV is highly resilient and recommended for athletics at all levels. With a proven record spanning three decades, Spurtan BV has been approved for international competition by the I.A.A.F. (International Amateur Athletic Federation).

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Spurvan Spray Coat System

Spurtan polyurethane and rubber track systems offer versatile solutions for athletic tracks and other sport and leisure applications.

Spurtan BS is a highly water permeable system perfect for regions with high seasonal rainfall. It has been widely used in tropical regions around the world for over 25 years.

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Athletic Acrylics

Acrylic track systems are advanced track surfacing systems design for the highest level of performance and cushioning. Made from Poly-Resin binders, acrylic  systems find the perfect balance between the dynamic response needed for optimal running performance, and the cushioning required for athlete safety and comfort.

Acrylic, multi-layered coating provides the ultimate in performance and safety for every athlete and is now available in four distinct systems to suit all styles and budgets.

William Loud use polyurethane systems, that are environmentally safe and water-based. This means it can be applied with great ease. It is a durable product that is easily and economically maintained.