Easy Tennis Court Maintenance Tips to reduce the cost of expensive repairs


William Loud has been building and maintaining tennis courts for over one hundred years. Having worked on courts like the Australian Open, Wm Loud has the experience and the expert knowledge to assist clients in choosing the best play surfaces for their needs.

For years Wm Loud have been confronted with clients who claim, “I was told it was a no maintenance surface.” It is at times a rather delicate task to advise them that in fact, there is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ surface.


Whatever the surface is, we have it covered!

Every court, from acrylic surfaces and synthetic grasses to En-Tout-Cas or clay surfaces, requires some degree of maintenance to keep it operating in top condition long term.

The level of maintenance required will depend in part on the court environment. For instance, if the court is surrounded by shaded trees, particularly to the north, moss and mould can become an issue. 

Or, if the court is located near a dusty building site, a higher level of consistent maintenance will be required.

Maintenance requirements also differ depending on the type of court surface. Acrylic courts, for example, will require a different approach to a synthetic grass court. This ebook includes what to watch out for with each court surface.

Easy Tennis court maintenance tips

Easy Maintenance Tips for your Tennis Court ebook