Netball Courts

Netball Court Construction


Netball courts have specific requirements, such as a courser textured surface, with our experience William Loud produce netball courts of the highest quality. 

We excel in applying specialised acrylic, multi-layered surfaces that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. The surfaces provide more traction in all weather and their anti-glare finish enhances visibility considerably.

William Loud can customise each court to meet your personal requirements and budget. Our system of layers is engineered to provide the optimum surface in terms of performance, durability and maintenance for every installation. Construction can take place over asphalt or concrete and it can also be used to upgrade existing acrylic surfaces.

While all our netball courts provide players with a comfortable playing surface, an additional cushioned underlay offers even greater support. Players will enjoy reduced body impact and muscle fatigue to their legs, ankles and feet.

Our netball courts are 5-7˚C cooler than asphalt or concrete playing surfaces, meaning they are much more comfortable during summer.  

The final product is easy and economical to maintain and can be cleaned simply with water and mild detergents. Our netball surfaces are engineered using environmentally friendly materials that are UV resistant and highly durable. 


Once installed, William Loud’s textured uniform netball surfaces will remain in excellent condition for many years. Our surfaces are applied with a squeegee, meaning they are free from joints and weak spots that make other surfaces vulnerable to weather and deterioration.

The colours are UV resistant and won’t deteriorate in sunny areas and they are able to breathe without losing their bonding with the original surface beneath. This protects the base from breaking down and allows the top layer to dry quickly after rain. 

William Loud’s surfaces are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with water and mild detergents and don’t require bagging or rolling. After many years of heavy use, they can be easily renewed without the cost of a full removal.

William Loud’s netball courts come in a range of ten rich, long lasting colours. Textured acrylic paint can also be used to apply finishing touches to a court, producing anti-glare and non-chalking lines

  • William Loud’s netball courts are:
  • Available in ten colour-fast UV resistant colours
  • Well gripped to ensure traction and sure footing
  • Anti-glare finished for enhanced visibility
  • Acrylic non-glare non-chalking textured line paint
  • Considerably cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces
  • Customisable
  • Quick drying after rain
  • Free from surface joints and weak spots vulnerable to weather and deterioration
  • Fully guaranteed by the manufacturer