Passive Areas

Wm. Loud specialise in creating the perfect solution for your decorative walkways or public areas.  Available in a full range of rich and long-lasting colours, our attractive and hard-wearing surfaces have been used in the urban forest around the Sydney Olympic stadium and also on pedestrian walkways at the Sydney International Airport terminal. 

In 1999 Wm. Loud was approached to supply an attractive hard-wearing coating suitable for the extreme pedestrian traffic associated with the Olympic games.  Our surfaces have proved themselves to be the ideal surface, as the system was laid in 1999 and is still performing well over 10 years later.  

Suitable for asphalt or concrete surfaces, the final product is a seamless surface with superior traction.  It is easily and economically maintained and cleaned with water and mild detergents. 

Plexipave is composed of environmentally friendly materials that are UV stable making Plexipave a highly durable surface.  Furthermore, our surfacing products are composed of environmentally friendly materials that are UV-stable, making them highly durable.