Softfall Playground Rubber Flooring

It was the 1956 Olympic Games that led William Loud to expand its range to include a wide variety of synthetic surfaces.

POLYFLEX Softfall was developed by a world leader in surfacing systems and introduced to our range in 1989. 

William loud has been at the forefront of the construction of playground rubber flooring and safety systems ever since. 

Safety First

When designing and installing playground systems, we believe safety always comes first. To ensure the best quality and safest design, the expert team at William Loud needs to know the following information about your site:

  • What play equipment will be in your playground?
  • What is the fall height of your equipment?
  • Where are the fall zones?
  • What is the total area you wish to cover?

(Playground Rubber Flooring) POLYFLEX Softfall surfaces are:

  • Low maintenance and extremely durable
  • Internationally recognised for quality and performance
  • Well cushioned for safe play areas
  • Water permeable to keep surface dry
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Adherent to all Australian and New Zealand safety surfacing standards (AS/NZ 4422:1996)

Why choose POLYFLEX Softfall?

William Loud’s playground surfacing systems are made to the highest standards, just like all of our products. Each system is mixed and laid on site by fully trained and experienced local applicators backed by our 140 years in the business.

POLYFLEX Softfall is now installed in children’s playgrounds throughout the world in all conditions. Its porous nature means playground equipment can be used even after heavy rain and also makes it an ideal poolside surface. 

The system will not break down, blow or wash away, decompose or hold puddles, and the system’s fibre rubber make up is extremely hardwearing and UV resistant. This durability means it will hold its vibrant colour for years to come without the cost of resurfacing.

As well as the considerable cost advantage of POLYFLEX Softfall, its ‘wet pour’ installation makes the set up easy and creates a safer, seamless finish. 

Personalise your playground

When considering your playground area design, POLYFLEX Softfall allows you to create your own theme. With the range of coloured EPDM or fibre rubber available, your playground can be personalised to suit its surroundings.

Corporate or school logos as well as coloured games zones and patterns can make your play areas even more attractive and impressive.

Technical Specifications

The POLYFLEX system can be installed straight onto existing asphalt or concrete, typically with little or no prior treatment to the existing surface. It can also be installed around existing play equipment or pools in even the most awkwardly shaped areas. 

Softfall can be installed to any required depth. This means you can design for the fall height requirements of any specific pieces of play equipment. 

POLYFLEX Softfall playground surfacing shows no visible joining lines, consisting of a unique single component polyurethane resin binder. When combined with rubber shred this forms a highly shock absorbent base layer. Above this lies at least a 15mm surface layer of EPDM or fibre rubber bound with the same polyurethane resin binder for safe, clean and low-maintenance playground surfaces.

POLYFLEX is flexible

POLYFLEX systems are not just for playgrounds. They are also suitable for poolside areas, designated games areas, walkways and bike tracks. They are perfect for any area that requires a safe, clean, slip-free and moisture permeable surface.

Safety Standard:

POLYFLEX Softfall meets all Australian and New Zealand standards for safety surfacing AS/NZ 4422:1996.