William Loud has been producing the highest standard tennis courts for over forty years. Our surfaces are of the highest quality and are Tennis Australia’s courts of choice for the Australian Open. Renowned for their comfort, consistency and durability, our tennis courts provide the ideal training surface for Australia’s future champions. We are continually evaluating new products to test their suitability for Australian climatic conditions before they become a part of our acclaimed range. William Loud’s engineers and experts are available to help you design and construct your sporting facilities as well as your general civil construction projects and asphalting, providing superior design and advice services.


William Loud is a recognised leader in the construction, surfacing and repair of polyurethane and acrylic based athletic tracks and run-ups in Australia. 

We can help you design and construct the perfect athletics track surfaces to suit your requirements and budget.


Netball courts have specific requirements, such as a courser textured surface, William Loud are experts in constructing netball courts of the highest quality. We excel in applying specialised acrylic, multi-layered surfaces that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. William Loud’s highly durable netball surfaces provide more traction in all weather and their anti-glare finish enhances visibility considerably. William Loud customises each court to meet your personal requirements and budget. We generally apply our specific acrylic surfaces in three coats with each coat contributing a specific quality to the whole surface.

Synthetic Grass

William Loud has been constructing and laying high quality synthetic grass surfaces since the 1970s. We offer comprehensive advice and design services to help you create your ideal recreational area, sports field or playground. Artificial grass surfaces are available in both dense pile and sand-filled carpet varieties. These carpets can be installed for both indoor and outdoor tennis, hockey, soccer and cricket facilities. Rubber shock pads can also be installed as required. Our expert staff provides outstanding products and installation. Drainage, fencing, concreting, earthworks and asphalting are all taken care of by our qualified team, which means no hassles dealing with external subcontractors.


It was the 1956 Olympic Games that led William Loud to expand its range to include a wide variety of synthetic surfaces.

POLYFLEX Softfall was developed by a world leader in surfacing systems and introduced to our range in 1989. 

William loud has been at the forefront of the construction of playground rubber flooring and safety systems ever since.


William Loud have a long and distinguished history in surfacing state-of-the-art velodromes, beginning with the surfacing of the Packer Park Velodrome in Caulfield (Melbourne) in 1977.  Since then we have surfaced and resurfaced numerous tracks throughout Victoria including Ararat, Bendigo and Wangaratta, including resurfacing and rebuilding the Packer Park track in 1999.  Our expert team has also advised velodrome construction teams around the world on the specific needs of cycling venues.